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Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I keep any pets?”

Residents in Oxhill Close flats can keep cats in their properties but no dogs are allowed.  Residents in out off-site houses are allowed dogs and cats.

“Can I have a water meter installed at my property?”

Simply make a written application to the office for formal permission.  We would encourage all residents to have a water meter installed.

“Will I be able to get Housing Benefit even though I work?”

All Redditch Friends rents are set at social, affordable levels.  We would always advise residents to make an application for Housing Benefit, even if they work.  It may be that some help is available to help with your rent payments.

“When are the bins emptied?”

Block B Oxhill Close has refuse collections on Mondays.  Details of recycling collections are available from the Borough Council on 01527 64252 or on their website

“Can I transfer to another property?”

If your family circumstances change and you wish to transfer to another property, the Association will need you to fill in a transfer form (available at the office).  There is a waiting list and as long as your rent account is clear and there is no history of any other tenancy problems, you can ask for a transfer.

“Sometimes neighbours can be noisy, or a nuisance - what can the Association do?”

The Association takes reports of anti social behaviour very seriously and has robust policies and procedures in place to deal with complaints and you should alert the Housing Manage to any problems as quickly as possible.